Students in the "Introduction to Quilting Workshop" at Kente Royal Gallery.  There guys were really committed. 

More students from the "Introduction
to Quilting Workshop" showing off their first ever quilt blocks. 

"Art of the Reveal" 3 session workshop series for New York City Metro Modern Quilt Guild.  Super talented group of seasoned textile artists.  The workshop yield a powerful anthology of works  that will be exhibited at the Hudson Guild Gallery, in Chelsea, NYC.

"Totem Workshop" Mancuso Spring Quilt Festival.  Super fun class.  We had students from coast-to-coast and a few from Canada!  

"Bovid Mask Workshop" 2 students preparing for my workshop at the National African American Quilt Convention.  Most of this group were experienced quilter.  This was a 7 hour work.  Intense day!